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Apr 17


introverts:  cuddle up in blanket and watch netflix

extroverts:  smash the tv with a baseball bat because sports


Apr 17
Phinabella. Hehehe.(It’s applicable okay?)

Phinabella. Hehehe.

(It’s applicable okay?)

Apr 17

quote A writer is a world trapped in a person.

Victor Hugo (via nestingcas)

[Sometimes a writer is many worlds trapped in a person]

(via wordpainting)

Or many characters trapped in a person.

Apr 16

Ferb's One Liner

  • Jeremy: Wow! You guys are the best! This was truly an amazing day! It's to bad Candace missed the whole thing. And Ferb, where did you learn to serve like that?
  • Ferb: At the Yorkshire Athletic School for In Your Face
  • --Sleepwalk Surprise
Apr 16


How Frozen Should Have Ended

This is perfect. I’m assuming the end is X-Men (I’ve never read the comics or seen the movie), but this takes care of my beef with Elsa’s parents.

Seriously? Locking your daughter up and isolating her from her own sister IS NOT THE WAY TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM.

Apr 16
Writers hoard pens and notebooks (at least I do).

Writers hoard pens and notebooks (at least I do).

Apr 16
Me on the weekends.

Me on the weekends.

Apr 16


*drags out old AMV and tries to decide if I should enter it in the Tsubasacon contest this year and if so should I remake it now that I have newer clips to work with* 


Apr 13
nomnom by LoveyLoo
Apr 11


Headcanon: Platonic marriage is actually a thing on some planets and Wander and Sylvia are literally friend married.

HAHA. Yes! This needs to be a thing.