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Apr 05


So Mind Share was fairly entertaining. Not sure which parts I enjoyed more:

Baljeet getting mad when a frog eats Buford and him (loudly) telling the frog to spit Buford out…


Candace’s cool, calm reaction when Phineas tells her that him and the others switched minds with some alien criminals (“it’s been a long summer kid; whaddya need?”)


Perry being Doofenshmirtz’s wingman—er, platypus. Actually, I thought that part was really cute. No battling, just a platypus trying to help his nemesis score a date with a cute girl.

Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, Dr. Doofenshmirtz gets a raw deal, which made me feel kind of bad for the guy.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, I believe this is either the first episode ( or one of the few), where there is no “curse you perry the platypus!” line).

On a (slightly unrelated) note, the previews for the next Phineas and Ferb episode looked…interesting. Makes me wonder if the gang somehow got a hold of the Smile Dip that gave Mabel a drug trip in Gravity Falls.

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